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Alton Towers
Britain's leading theme park, situated in the Staffordshire countryside, England. The park was constructed in the 1800s with its main feature, The Towers, a classic example of an English stately home, unfortunately now in ruins. Parts are gradually being restored.

The park is also home to 500 acres of formal gardens, a lake, and a theme park since 1980. The entertainment has been hidden to a large extent and those wishing to just enjoy the breathtaking scenery can do so without too much interruption.

It is possible to wander around the derelict Towers buildings and imagine what the grand, bare rooms might have looked like when the 15th Earl of Shrewsbury made his home there. To allow people to walk around in safety, 'temporary' wooden steps have been built to connect the floors. When you step out onto the roof areas, there are panoramic views across the rest of the park.

The gardens area of the park has been left totally untouched by the amusement business. The valley contains miles of twisting tracks through wooded areas and gardens, with plenty of features and follies to enjoy:

The park contains several themed areas that are home to the thrill machines. Some of my favourites are described on other pages in this section.

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