One of the advantages for an enthusiast of belonging to coaster clubs such as the RCCGB and the ECC is that many trips are organised each year to theme and amusement parks in the UK and throughout the world. The clubs are usually afforded 'special treatment' by the parks, which could mean supplied lunches, presentations by park management, behind-the-scenes insights, and most treasured by the coaster junkies is the ERS (also known as ERT or XRT). The Exclusive Ride Session means that the members of the club are allowed to ride one or more of the attractions at the park, usually the main coasters, without the general public.

I attend several trips each year with both of the clubs that I belong to, mainly in the UK to parks such as Alton Towers, Oakwood, Drayton Manor, and Blackpool Pleasure Beach. However, I present here my reports of the overseas trips that I have been fortunate to attend. Do keep coming back for updates - there are likely to be many more added!

1999WoodiestockUSA (midwest)14RCCGB
2001A Coaster OdysseyUSA (midwest/east coast) & Canada17RCCGB
2002Euro CrazyBelgium & Holland5RCCGB
2002 TransCoaster ExpressGermany3RCCGB
2003The Mystery MachineUSA (south/midwest)12RCCGB
2003Coaster DoradaSpain5ECC
2004The No-Six-Flags-For-Sure TourUSA5RCCGB
2004Colossal Coasterbahn 2004Germany13ECC
2005West Coaster StoryUSA (west coast)13RCCGB
2006The American AdventureUSA (midwest/east coast)21ECC
2006Florida Fun FestUSA (Florida)7+RCCGB